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Carlos Cruz

Tremont Ohio GED graduate

Carlos immigrated to the United States as a teenager. Like many immigrants from Central America, he had missed out on many of the fundamental building blocks of a quality education. He enrolled in GED classes at Merrick House several years later to embark on his dream of achieving a high school credential.

Carlos started with basic multiplication and division, and through the days and months, he persisted. He put many, many hours into increasing his grade equivalent from an elementary level to a high school level. When it came time to take the GED test, he only passed two out of four of the tests. Carlos felt discouraged but was determined to achieve the goal that meant so much to him. He began studying even harder and took it upon himself to find the best way to learn quadratic equations and evidence-based essay writing.

Carlos not only learned the tough topics he needed to for the test (and passed!), but he also created study materials for other students in the class. He truly wanted to share his knowledge with others and help them pass, too. He continued to attend class even after he had graduated to lead a study group, and has since played a role in several other student success stories. His dream is to attend a college program for IT and embark on a meaningful career path.


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