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Tiera Watts


Tiera attended JFK High School in Cleveland, where negative peer influences caused her to fall behind academically. She eventually transferred to Life Skills High School, where she recovered her academic credits but wasn't able to pass her math proficiency test. She ended up at Cleveland Christian Academy, where she obtained what she thought was a valid high school diploma. 

Over the years, Tiera worked various jobs until she found her niche as a Support Tech for people with developmental disabilities. It was only when she sought advancement within her company that she learned her high school diploma was not valid. Shocked and disappointed, Tiera knew she would have to return to school to get a GED. She enrolled in classes at Merrick House, bought a GED study book, and braced herself to prepare for a test she had heard was more rigorous than ever. She also had a full-time job and the responsibilities of caring for two children, so finding the time to study was tough. 

After five months of GED classes, Tiera has passed 3 out of 4 of her GED subject tests. When asked what she plans to do after earning her diploma Tiera says she wants to give back to the community. Helping adults with disabilities is her passion, and she sees a need for bringing cosmetology services into their homes. She wants to help them feel good about themselves because so many of them aren't able to ever get out to a hair salon or spa. 


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