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When East Central European immigrants first came to the west side of Cleveland, they found a welcome at Merrick House. In the early 1900’s, families who lived in this congested area struggled with poverty and isolation. Merrick House brought them hope and desperately needed services.

Founded under the auspices of the National Catholic War Council in 1919 as part of their post-war reconstruction work, Merrick House began in a simple storefront building on Starkweather Avenue. Immigrants flocked here for English classes, reliable child care, recreation and neighborhood clubs.

The name Merrick House was chosen to honor Mary Merrick, the founder of the Christ Child Society, who was a supporter of this new settlement house. With the help of Catholic charities, the original building was rebuilt at the same site in 1949.

In the 1950’s, Hispanics began moving into the neighborhood, so Merrick House adapted its programming to meet the needs of these new bilingual neighbors. Beginning in the late 1960's, Merrick House began adding additional programs at sites to the west of Tremont.

As the needs of the communities have changed, Merrick House has evolved the programming provided, always keeping our mission at heart.

Current core service areas of the organization include early childhood education, youth leadership and development, adult learning and career readiness, recreation, and parenting education, including the MomsFirst program for at-risk pregnant women.

More pictures can be found at Cleveland Historical.



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